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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  September 22, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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that was a short night. so are you ready for 6:00 a.m. eastern? i'm robin meade. we're ready for you. morning, sunshine. well, entire neighborhoods are underwater. streets are washed out and power lines are down. and now dangerous flash floods in the south have taken lives. new revelations about former presidential candidate john edwards and the woman with whom he had an affair. why he may now admit that he is the father of her child. like a devil, ready to fight. >> yeah. an 88-year-old man jumped out of his wheelchair when people tried to steal his safe.
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what he says that he did to fight them off. it's amazing, right, that people would target somebody and try to steal their safe. we have more on that story and how he fought them off. but our top story, an incredible mess of days of rain in the southeast. you're going to find neighborhoods flooded like this all around the atlanta area. a fire destroyed this house after the fire truck responding got stuck underwater. at least six people have been killed in the flooding. some have tried their best to help when they've seen others in trouble. >> there was no way i could help. it was the only thing -- i was screaming and yelling, flashing my lights, trying to get him to stop and there was no way i could help. he was on the other side of the creek. there was nothing i could do. >> one family fought to survive in a creek near atlanta. an affiliate reports a woman held on to her 1-year-old and a tree in the other for three hours until they were rescued.
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but further down the creek the father could not hold on to his 2-year-old son, the boy was swept away and drowned. i can't imagine the horror. well, the southeast does not need any more tragedies like that. it does not need more rain, but more could still be on the ray. meteorologist bob van dillen has the forecast in just about five minutes. so far it looks like older can kids will need one shot for the h1n1 but kids six months to 9 years of age may need two. now this is early data and we should learn more next month. the director also said that none of the 600 kids in the studies had adverse reactions. new this morning, the u.s. embassy is closed and other offices in south africa today. an embassy spokeswoman would not say if a threat led to this, but she did say that the offices are closing because of information from u.s. security officials. she says they're expected to reopen tomorrow. we'll keep you updated as we get
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more information. new reports that former presidential candidate john edwards may claim paternity of had his former mistress' child. correspondent richard lui is digging into this for us. edwards has denied being the father in the past, so has something changed here? robin, this is what has happened. good morning to you. one of his former campaign aides is now about to write a tell-all book. "the new york times" reports andrew young claims edwards always knew he fathered her daughter and promised to murder her after his cancer stricken wife, elizabeth, dies. young claims edwards convinced him to say he was the father. now sources say he later recanted because edwards turned his back on young. robin, edwards did not respond to a request for comment as of yet. >> it isn't just the story of a sex scandal here. edwards is facing the possibility of criminal charges. >> that's right. a grand jury in north carolina is looking into whether edwards misused campaign funds to cover
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this affair up. this is video of rheal hunter. there was a series of videos during his campai2008 campaign. he could go to jail here, robin. edwards has said he does not think any campaign funds were used improperly. >> richard, thank you. well, homeland security is warning transit systems across the country to step up patrols. the associated press reports counterterrorism officials issued a bulletin recommending sweeps and patrols at terminals and stations. now it's all because of a recent arrest in a possible plot against new york transit. no one is charged with terrorism in that case just with lying to agents at this point. brand-new details about the rapper charged with killing a pastor and suspected in three other deaths. police in virginia say they will charge richard mccroskey. he calls himself syko sam and
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has rapid aboped about the thri killing. they say he's kind and passive despite being bullied as a child. former house majority leader tom delay was doing the chacha. check out his debut on "dancing with the stars" last night. ♪ ♪ wild thing >> okay, so he played air guitar, shook his hips to "wild thin thing." this just makes me uncomforta e uncomfortable, am i the only one? the judges gave him a 6 and two 5s putting him in about the middle of the pack. so -- >> could to see the lovely gal with him to balance it out. >> distract us. he's in the middle of the pack. i want to know who is at the
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bottom. >> good for him, the intestinal fortitude. i would never do that. that gal is pretty attractive. >> you would do it if asked. hi, bob. >> another day filled with heavy downpours but this time shifting over to the west further along the gulf coast. here's what's happening. low-pressure region in the upper levels of the atmosphere by the plains. winds up the coast of mexico. all squeezing in the rain and some thunderstorms today around arkansas, in towards louisiana, and now texas, too. check out the heaviest rain last night beginning to fall near macon. more storms beginning to develop around atlanta. we've seen 15 inches of rain outside atlanta in a 24-hour period yesterday. here is the way it looks if you're trying to get in and out. many road closures including right around the 285 area over the chat hoo che river. you can see the low clouds. it's going to be a bad day to travel out of atlanta.
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calling for more rain today on the west side of town. a couple of thunderstorms developing now. north of town, more around alabama. you see more showers, more thunderstorms, arriving in mississippi, louisiana, and out of texas. good news for texas, south texas at least. you're going to get some decent rain today. you desperately need that. more in half an hour. >> okay. i can't believe all that rain. >> and it will be in the forecast for saturday. >> thank you. you know, maybe it's because you have mr. or mrs. right. we know why you're really not getting married if you're among the single in our audience. >> girls getting out of the bathtub drying, wrestling, playing around. >> okay. different story now. this is a different story. a couple lost custody of their kids for a month because they took pictures of them playing in the bathtub. now the parents are striking back. hearing the ice cream tr?
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in poland, cargill borrowed the idea for something quite different. small polish farms had difficulty
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getting affordable feed for their smaller herds of animals. so cargill created a way to bring the feed directly to them. on musical delivery trucks... selling a few bags per visit. keeping the small farmers competitive... and their animals happier. this is how cargill works with customers.
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it's time right now for our military salute. he is almost home. that's what the family of lieutenant anthony zonk says. he's expected home the next kim of weeks and his family cannot wait. good morning, robin. i'd like to send a issalute to husband. he has been in iraq. we celebrated his birthday without him last week, but we're all really excited because he should be home within a week or two. anthony, i love you and i miss you. we can't wait until you're home. >> thank you. and if you have somebody in the service, we will help you salute them. three pharmacists say they warned anna nicole smith's doctors the drugs they were prescribing would kill her. the "l.a. times" got court documents that show one pharmacist refused to fill a prescription that included 300
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methadone tablets. smith's psychiatrist and internists are accused of having sexual contact with her. they pled not guilty to charges of illegally providing her with drugs. key negotiations start today in the health care debate and the author of the newest bill is changing it already. senate finance committee chairman max baucus says that he wants to reduce fines for people who don't buy health insurance. today the committee will start wrangling over more than 560 amendments offered. the congressional budget office says that the proposal would cost $774 billion over ten years. an arizona couple is suing walmart and the state over some photos they tried to develop. they were accused of sexual abuse over the photos they took of their kids taking a bath. well, their lawsuit says that walmart turned the pictures over to police. the kids were taken away last fall and the couple didn't regain custody for more than a month. >> here we were forced to sit and watch, helplessly, as they
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ripped our crying, screaming, terrified children away from us. >> we now realize how much control the state has and they can pull any one of your children out of your home right now. >> well, the lawsuit claims the store did not inform the couple that it had an unsuitable print policy. so far we have no response from the state or from walmart. a mother in cleveland says she screamed for her 4-year-old son because he was in the back seat of a car that was being repossessed. well, new for you in 20 minutes what happened when she tried to save him. lower groecery bills are always nice and the prices of the things you buy from the farm are really dropping. our money expert jennifer westhoven is here. morning. dporng. thanks, robin. this is good news in a bad economy for most of us. it's not so good if you're a farmer. but for everybody else going to the grocery store, this is
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helpful. milk prices down almost $1 a gallon compared to last year. these are government statistics cited by "usa today." i'm look iing at the milk being poured. do you know what else is cheaper? bacon. it's cheaper, too. pork producers, look, they're talking about the economy, demand is down, but they also say that it's h1n1, swine flu. people are making the mistake of thinking that swine flu is somehow related to pork. it's not. get it from humans. demand in general has fallen. so in any case it's still good news for you at the grocery store. for the first time more americans say they'd rather handle their money online. 26% of people aged 35 to 54 say they like online banking best. anyway, compared to the other forms, more people said they like banking on the internet compared to branches and atm. i tell you, robin, if you add up those numbers they don't add up to 100% because a lot of people
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just said, yeah, i don't know. >> that is interesting. >> just bank whatever way they bank, whatever is convenient. on is the line banking is good for the banks because they can have fewer bankers. they don't have to pay for tellers. >> jen, thanks. former president bill clinton is talking about health care reform and accusations of racism. find out what he says about president obama's opponents. and -- >> like a shoe museum, everything in the house that possibly can be shoe legalitied is shoe related. >> we're hot on the heels of a truly massive shoe collection. paying $8 a day for lunch can add up fast.
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the man whose family was found dead in florida is believed to be in custody in haiti. florida officials want to question him in the deaths of his wife and five children. police are not calling him a suspect but he is wanted on charges of violating probation. >> in january of this year he was arrested for a simple battery or misdemeanor battery against the female we found deceased in the apartment. he pled no contest. i do not believe so.
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>> the body of damas and her five children were found saturday. the oldest was nine. the youngest 11 months. mesac damas is believed to have boarded a plane to haiti. president obama said he's not the first to face opposition for trying to make some changes. >> one of the things you sign up for in politics is folks yell at you. but -- but i think what has been missing from the conversation is that the overwhelming majority of people, republican or democrat, i think they just want to see some common sense, some honesty and integrity in washington. >> well, the president didn't just talk policy, though. in about a half hour, he jokes about what he'll do when his daughters start dating. all right. some people say you can never have too many shoes. a woman in california is testing that theory.
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darlene flynn owns more than 11,000 shoe-related items. she started collecting nine years ago. she has everything from a shoe toothbrush to a shoe bed. >> i used to buy everything i saw that was a shoe and then the last couple of years i just buy the things that are really unique because it's getting overwhelming. there's not enough room in my house. >> i bet not. flynn estimates it is worth $500,000. she says some day she'd like to have a shoe-shaped swimming pool. >> putting imelda marcos to shame there. >> those are just shoe-related items. >> if i were visiting, like as a tourist, i would want to go and see that house. >> true. >> she should make it into a museum like vacation, the second largest ball of twine. >> monday night football looked more like hollywood. the stars were out in full force in miami for football. >> for football. and you know what this tells me,
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robin? it really illustrates how much entertainment and football have really come together in the past couple of years and in miami they literally are coming together because so many stars co-own the team. the dolphins were hosting indianapolis. you have gloria estefan, jennifer lopez, mark anthony. venus and serena walking the sidelines but their boys did not deliver. the colts only had the ball for a fourth of the entire game and still won. peyton manning doing what he always does, led them in a come-from-behind win. that's the first play from scrimmage, the pass to dallas clark. peyton gets a high five from buddy tiger woods. sunday will be michael vick's first game after being released from prison for dogfighting. head coach andy reid says even though starter donovan mcnabb is hurt, vick will still take a backup to kevin kolb. vick hasn't played in two years but he'll likely play a few days. pedialyte helped colt mccoy beat the flu and texas tech.
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he had the flu all week be a struggled in the first half against tech saturday so at halftime he downed the drink and a few pb & js and felt better. moms, listen up. he completed almost every pass and complete add touchdown. ped yeahlyte and pb & j. the team made him a personal guest on saturday, that included a tour of the field, the clubhouse, got to meet the players and take in the game and got a bag full of free goodies or swag as the people call it. that's a look at sports. robin? >> thank you. an 88-year-old beat off three people he says tried to rob him. he says they were dragging his safe out of his house when he got out of his wheelchair and went after them. >> his adrenaline must have kicked in or something. >> they didn't know who they were picking on. >> they didn't know. i did a job on them. >> all right. he says they dropped the safe
6:21 am
and ran. the man is a world war ii vet and says he still has a little bit of a soldier in him. that's right. well, the poor thing -- i hope he didn't get injured -- what did he say? i did a number on them. that's right! >> we just had to rephrase that. that's all. we'll rewrite the script. >> why? you must be a dirtier thinker than i am. >> a little bit. it's tough up there. what do you want from us? 88 and still fighting. traveling out today, southeast, rain showers coming in. mostly north of atlanta, here's atl. more rain today, unfortunately, in just a flood-clogged streams and rivers. flood warnings all around the deep southeast. more showers on the way and that's going to slow us down at the airport. one hour or more. more showers, thunderstorms also developing around d.c., charlotte, cincinnati, memphis, st. louis, houston and dallas.
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morning fog out there from chicago in to san francisco. more details on that, robin, in half an hour. >> thank you. when a reporter gets interrupted it's usually some random person waving in the crowd trying to get noticed but see how a couple of them handled it when the crowd started handling them live object tv. ♪ look at this man ♪ so blessed with inspiration ♪ ♪ i don't know much ♪ but i know i love you ♪ and that may be
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we only want the big jobs. welcome to theladders. a premium job site for only $100k+ jobs and only $100k+ talent. ♪ welcome to comcast local edition. i am donna richardson and my guest this hour is colonel george f. johnson iv superintendent of the maryland natural resources police. colonel, thank you for joining me. >> great to be here with you. >> in addition to being with the maryland natural resources you are president of the maryland police chief association, and who in addition to chief are your members? and who is working with you? >> it is comprised mostly of chief of police from all over the state and state government and law enforcement chiefs and county and municipalities that
6:25 am
exist in all of the state of maryland. >> i know as a group i know there are several initiatives taking place. there is a new one. checkpoint strike force. >> yes, it is a research based-multi-state situation where we pick and we go out there and we look for drivers that are impaired and work to get them off of the road and we do that through our sobriarity checkpoints and our saturation patrols. >> and so, which jerse - jurisdiction, one specific area or all of the jurisdictions now involved? >> all throughout maryland, the chiefs of police have signed on. every jurisdiction signed on in some way shape or form to participate in the checkpoint strike force. >> and so do you find that the checkpoints are helpful in
6:26 am
hopefully lowering traffic fatalities? >> absolutely. fatalities have been reduced 20 percent in the areas where we are doing the checkpoints . it proves to be extremely beneficial to us in many different ways. >> and do you find that the residents are supporting the checkpoints and do you have partner necessary this effort? >> yes, we do. as you know, it is a powerful organization of mothers against drunk drivers. we work with them chosely in this endeavor and other organizations. their surveys indicate 85 to 90 percent of the people they talked to support the checkpoints. >> do you do these at specific times of year or are the checkpoints ongoing initiative. >> they are ongoing initiatives. they will be taking place every week and everywhere and where you think that it is the best
6:27 am
possible opportunity to deploy the work force and effective use knowledge of our people in this endeavor. >> as you are having the checkpoints and i know initially you are looking for impaired drivers, but are you finding other things when you are pulling over the impaired drivers? >> oh, yes. people are very surprised what we run into on the checkpoints. the main focus is to get the impaired drivers that use alcohol off of the streets and identify them. but we are running into people who have warrants on them. their licenses are suspended, some people have drugs in the vehicle this we were able to detect and find. there is a whole gamut of things and seat belt usage. it helps us with the seat belt initiatives and child safety
6:28 am
seat. we are able to make different observations and of course, we put a lot of emphasis on the seat belt usage and child safety seat as well >> i know some jurisdiction or most of the them, there is zero tolerance if you don't have your seat belt on, it is amazing that people are still driving without them. >> it is with the seat belt usage, if you are involved in an accident with the impaired drivers that use alcohol that gives you that much more of a chance to survive. >> how can citizens assist with the checkpoint strike force? >> we need them to be our eyes and ears out there. as with many thing necessary law enforcement and we ask citizens to do. if they see a person driving erratically or aggressively and feel they are under the influence of alcohol. pick up the cell phone and dial the number 911 or what ever it is that they feel comfortable in
6:29 am
using. >> thank you, colonel for joining me. >> donna thank you for helping us. >> thank you for watching comcast local edition. i am donna richason.
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are we are seeing some of the worst rainfall to hit the southeast in a century, nearly a week of storms and flooding are blamed for at least six deaths. coming up meteorologist bob van dillen tells you whether the worst is over. president obama's considering a new strategy for the war on afghanistan. it will focus on going after al qaeda including using more spy planes to targeted suspected terror hachs. administration officials say this could be a better option than a major military escalation. and those are some of our headlines we are following this morning. so how are you doing on a sleepy tuesday, a rainy tuesday for a lot of people. i'm robin meade.
6:31 am
former president bill clinton is weighing in on the health care reform debate. last night he told larry king that he thinks some but not all of the fighting about president obama's proposal is motivated by race. >> i believe some of the right-wing extremists which oppose president obama are also racially prejudiced and would prefer not to have an african-american president, but i don't believe all the people that oppose him on health care and all the conservatives are racist. and i believe if he were white, every single person who opposes him now would be opposing him then. >> bill clinton also said that he thinks health care is a fight that president obama and the democratic party needs to win on merits. the ousted president of honduras is waking up in the country's capital for the first time in june. that's when soldiers sent him away in his pjs. manuel zelaya says he'll meet
6:32 am
with critics to get his job back. he was overthrown after pushing for a constitutional referendum that could have led to longer term limits. woo we have new info about the affair that unraveled john edwards' political career. one of his former aides claims edwards has known all along that he is the father of his mistress' child. correspondent richard lui, so, any response from edwards this morning? robin, not yet. his lawyers, though, told "the new york times" that there may be a statement on that subject at some point but said they would wait here to see how things might unfold. edwards very publicly denied being the father of rielle hunter's child in an interview on abc last year. take a look at that. >> i know it's not possible this child could be mine because of the timing of events, so i know it's not possible. happy to take a paternity test be a would love to see it happen. >> that paternity test still has not happened but a friend of
6:33 am
hunter's says the affair was still going on when hunter got pregnant. >> so the consequences of the story go well beyond his political career. he's the target of a grand jury investigation in north carolina here. >> that's right, robin. the crux of the case is whether edwards knowingly used campaign donati donations to keep hunter quiet. a former federal prosecutor talked about potentially serious consequences on our sister network, cnn. >> usually i will say a lot of this comes down to civil penalties, $5,000, $50,000, but there are also criminal penalties and when a grand jury is convened that usually is what the prosecutors are looking for. they're looking for a criminal indictment. >> the potential charges, robin,this case are felonies that carry up to five years in prison as she intimated. >> richard, we'll continue to watch that one. a.j. hammer and the team at "showbiz tonight" will be talking about the paternity claims later this morning. you can catch the morning edition of "showbiz tonight" at 11:00 a.m. eastern.
6:34 am
well, we'll say paternity claims against john edwards. a mother says a company tried to repossess her car with her 4-year-old son in the back seat. she says that she was in the driveway when somebody got in her car. she screamed as she was dragged down the street. >> she ran my foot over. i tried to open up the back door. i just kept it open. she drug me up the whole street. >> no one knew that a child was sleeping in the back seat of that car. >> well, the mother says she was screaming, telling the lady to stop. >> she was screaming, my man is about to shoot you. my man is about to shoot you. >> wow. local reports say that the repo driver later abandoned the car with the child still inside about five miles away. he's okay, the child is. no arrests have been made. just come and repo your car. 34 minutes past the hour. we are obviously concerned about more precipitation in any area
6:35 am
right now that is just deluged in the southeast. here is meteorologist bob van dillen. it looks kind of clear. >> right now it does. it's better for you even though we do have a couple of thunderstorms still rumbling north of atlanta. the bulk of the precipitation today, the heaviest rain, should shift its access over to alabama through mississippi by later this afternoon. so bad news for you, alabama, mississippi, flood watches and warnings up for you, too. here is the way it looks on the current radar. most of the action around birmingham is to the north. you get in to atlanta, it's north of that city. you see a couple of squall lines, also, one through arkansas and louisiana. another one through eastern parts of texas. they need the rain. more on that atlanta radar. showers and thunderstorms developing. the flash flood watches and warnings are all white shaded. atlanta back down to alabama, parts of mississippi as well, an inch maybe more of rain is what you're going to find in those pockets of the big thunderstorms
6:36 am
to develop. that atlanta radar, you see most of the action north of town. more still developing out across parts of alabama and that will shuttle in to the western fringe of atlanta later today. we don't need any more rain. we'll see another one to two inches of rain here. more rain. you can see now down into the louisiana region, more showers, more thunderstorms digging down out of arkansas and into northern louisiana and decent rainfall coming in towards san antonio, out of austin. that's going to slide down to brownsville by later on today. more rain up through western p.a., new york state, syracuse, into vermont, too. dry for new york and boston. mostly cloudy skies will do it for you. just not rain making clouds. that's going to hold off until overnight tonight and more rain and thunderstorms coming off the atlantic coast getting into north carolina. more showers a possibility around south carolina coast later today and then also some light rain getting in across the northern part of the plains and the upper midwest but speaking about the unprecedented rainfall amounts around atlanta, look at this i report we got from the north side of town.
6:37 am
this is marietta. unbelievable amounts of rain. it fell just yesterday in this region. that is supposed to be a little bit of a stream. now it's about six to seven feet deep is what they're telling us. you can see it covers up the entire backyard no damage to these people's houses. we saw lots of damage reports from yesterday. just unbelievable. >> we really did. it's like yards turned into streams, rivers. >> whole roads washed away. it's been terrible. we're going to see rain off and on at least through the weekend. >> hey, thanks to our i reporters, too. just go to a kidnapping suspect phillip garrido made a discovery so unbelievable, he thought, that he claimed he was on a mission from god. it's a simple black box and you won't believe what he said it could do. ♪
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the man charged with kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years apparently claims that he made an unbelievable discovery. it's a black box with jacks for headphones. phillip garrido's friends say he claimed he could use it to communicate with people without speaking by only moving his lips. he and his wife pled not guilty in the kidnapping case. i have to tell you right now we're working on getting the tape from someone who actually saw him try to manipulate that. yeah. maybe a recession has caused you to spend a little less and to save a little more. it's doing a lot of other
6:41 am
things, too, even keeping people from saying "i do." jennifer westhoven, really? does that mean we're shacking up more? >> my mike is on. i'm just pretending you can hear me by using my lips. sorry. >> bizarre. all right. yeah, these are some striking numbers. the recession is making a huge impact on the american way of life. these are new numbers from the census bureau. they don't tell us the why, but they show striking confirmation of how it's affecting some of the biggest choices you can make in your life from some of these numbers you can see that more people are saying, you know, i'm going to wait to buy a home. homeownership is down. also, more people are staying put. more people are also car-pooling, too, and, again, making a big difference in whether or not you choose to get married. a much higher percentage of americans are single compared to before the recession. it is up to about 31% and that includes higher percentage of 20-year-olds, too, who are
6:42 am
waiting to pop the question or to say yes. many americans have also given up or cut back on gambling, the legal kind, anyway, because that's the only kind we can measure. it's the first time in 20 years that people cut back here like at the slots, the gaming tables. the rockefeller institute says gambling revenues are down almost 3% this year. a big drop is lottery ticket sales. also casinos. the biggest drop is at the tracks, the horse and the dog tracks, but this doesn't just affect gamblers. you may be sitting there thinking, you know, good. i wish people didn't gamble. but it is also going to affect maybe your state or your local government because they're not going to get all those tax revenues in so that's more pressure on your local government to raise your taxes. robin? all right, jen, thank you. some of the stories we're already watching today in the "morning express" planner, at 9:00 a.m. eastern, the senate finance committee will begin talks on the more than 500 amendments to senator max baucus' health care proposal.
6:43 am
at 11:30 a.m. eastern president obama holds three-way middle east talks with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president abbas. at 2:00 p.m. the federal reserve begins a two-day meet to go decide whether to raise, lower, or maintain the interest rate. president obama already knows what he's going to do when his daughters start dating and he told david letterman about it. plus, bullying isn't just happening at school anymore. some police say that it's become a real problem online. taking its rightful place in a long line of amazing performance machines. this is the new e-coupe. this is mercedes-benz.
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so we did a nationwide on your side review. turns out it was more valuable than he thought. we got him the coverage he needed. it was a good thing we did 'cause a week later his house burned down. being proactive meant a family home could see generations to come. i am carlton ballard and i am on your side. switch to nationwide insurance now.
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an arrest warrant has been served to a teenager accused of using an ax and firebombs to injure nine students at his school. prosecutors in germany say the warrant accuses the 18-year-old of attempted murder. it was at the hospital where he was recovering. we told you yesterday about two men who discovered they were brothers while they were working on the same furniture truck.
6:46 am
now a long lost half-sister has turned up. joanne campbell saw the stories about her brothers, both of whom were given up for adoption. she showed up at their work place with her birth certificate and says she was hysterical with joy when she found out that they have the same mom. isn't that something? who knows? president obama's daughters still have a few years before they start dating, obviously. the president says he's already prepared for when that day comes. >> what do you think it is like for them to have their father be the president? what does that do to the kid experience? >> you know, so far i think it's fine. this is seriously something michelle and i think about all the time. they're young enough where they don't notice it that much. i worry when they get to go teenagers because i suppose they'll want to go out on dates and i'll have all these men with guns surrounding them.
6:47 am
>> be pretty safe. president obama also said his daughters goofed off for the summer, something that he couldn't do, but then letterman shot back really quickly, well, you have, and the audience really loved that. >> never thought about it. if you're a presidential daughter, you have to go on a date with everybody with guns. good morning, bob. >> my daughters, the same thing. a couple of delays we're going to see pop up quickly here. it's going to be around atlanta, one hour or more delay because of low clouds and fog out there, too. watch for that to slow you down big time especially this morning and early this afternoon. otherwise houston, half hour delays because of storms. dallas, more thunderstorms coming in later this afternoon and then san francisco morning fog followed by a hot day in the bay area. all kind of heat advisories out there, feeling like low 90s to near 100. more on that in a little bit. >> thanks. imagine if the sugar bowl or nascar's last race couldn't happen because of flooding.
6:48 am
that's what golf is possibly facing this weekend. here's rafer with more on that. what are we talking augusta? >> east lake country club. golf is kind of like nascar where the most points gives you -- you're the winner and then you get this huge, huge payout so the last tournament of the year which starts thursday is at east lake country club. with scenes like this, it's hard to imagine anybody teeing off when it's scheduled in two days. there it is. this is near atlanta. the players are all in town hopping to tee off but in spite of these pictures the club reportedly said that some guys were actually out practicing on the driving range. a scene out of "caddyshack." the course is off-limits. they're going to be looking up at the skies. former super bowl star plaxico burress is expected to begin serving jail time immediately today when he is sentenced for accidentally shooting himself in the thigh in a nightclub. burris says he hopes to return to football when he's out in two years. he pled guilty to a lesser gun charge. some experts think if he can
6:49 am
keep in shape in prison he can return to football when he's out. michael vick did. and buffalo bills safety whitner had $400,000 worth of jewelry stolen from his home. >> wow. >> $400,000. police are investigating the heist. he noticed the jewelry was gone after the bills won their home opener. police aren't saying if there was forced entry or not. another bills player had his home vandalized by fans. what's going on in buffalo? speaking of the nfl, "monday night football" highlights in the next half hour. right now this hard-hitting football story, michael irvin had his debut on "dance with the stars." he didn't do very well. he is a former star with the dallas cowboys. >> he looks better than tom delay. >> he scored less than tom delay. >> what? >> tom delay scored more than michael irvin. irvin tied for the lowest score this day but he has the charisma which could make fans vote for him. okay, he has guns. let's just say it.
6:50 am
he's sporting the guns and, ladies might vote for him because of that. >> he's not shaking his hips and arms. >> they hammered him and not the hammer apparently. >> wow.sports. >> i think it looks good there. okay. who am i? first there was cash for clunkers and now the government could offer you dallas to go green. hln money expert clark howard has the details about a new stimulus plan in the works. >> do you know following up on cash for clunkers, we're going to have cash for appliances? you think i'm making it up, don't you? actually, it could come up as soon as maybe november, december, that we're going to have a gym my where you buy a new appliance that meets each state standards for energy efficiency, you will receive cash back from your state.
6:51 am
the money is from the state and each state is free to set its on rules for cash for appliances. want to hear something goofy? you don't have to trade in an old appliance, although who really wants them? speaking of which, one thing a lot of people are doing now, is when they buy a new refrigerator -- this isn't really new -- they take the old one and put it in the garage and run that clunker, don't do it. costs you too much. i'm clark howard. i want you to save dough more ways for you to do it are at >> all right. clark will teach you to save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. catch him at noon eastern on the weekends. a 91-year-old man waved a gun at a man accused of breaking into his house. he didn't pull his weapon out of the holster. >> i guess my age and the fact that i didn't have any clothes on -- >> he didn't have any clothes
6:52 am
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